Born to fly

White torn frame

I was born to fly.  I don’t have my wings yet, but I can’t wait.

I have been fortunate enough to float above the earth in a balloon, seeing the world’s wonders from a ‘bird’s eye view’. I have run off the side of a high mountain – held only by the wind in the canopy above my head.


In my dreams since childhood, I can lift effortlessly off the ground,

defying all restraints of gravity.

Running into the air from that mountain peak, was as natural as breathing.

“ Those who wait for the Lord,

( who expect, look for and hope in Him)

shall change and renew their strength and power;

They shall lift their wings and mount up

( close to God)

as eagles mount up to the sun.”   Isaiah 40:31 Amp.


Lift up their wings and soar, upon the breath of God.

This image of flying  and abandonment – resting on the Bigness of God,

has been a deep and resonant theme in my life.

It calls to my heart to let go.

To trust.

To let Him blow me where He will,

in big things, and the minutae of

the everyday.

Some days I am earth bound.

I see only my feet.

I trudge with weighted soul, carrying stuff others have thrown,

or I have hung on to, with anxious, tightly gripped palms.

I fail to look up and see the sun.

Fail to feel the caress of His breeze on my face.

His whisper of invitation to fly with Him.

See the world from His perspective.

Let Him take the weight

and bear me up.

When I am carried on His breath,

then I am where I was born to be.

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